Even with the tractor shovel installed, the front blade can still be used to doze, scrape, or level material. Unique to RowCommand, the 16 available control sections can be configured based on operator preferences. (2.5-cm) diameter front-wheel spindle (2WD), Cast-iron front spindle/wheel motor (4WD), Power take-off (PTO)/RIO switch (yellow switch), One-piece hood is easy to open and remove, Service interval decal located under hood, Radiator screen pulls out for easy cleaning, Deck-leveling gauge and tool stored in tractor toolbox, MulchControl handle (shown on 60-in. The optional air-ride seat minimizes vibration the operator feels while using the tractor and provides a very smooth ride. (152-cm) 7-Iron Mower deck. (152-cm) high-capacity (HC) mower decks used on X700 Signature Series Tractors: The X700 48A, 54 HC, and 60 HC Grass Groomer is a lawn-striping solution designed to work with John Deere’s X700 Signature Series Tractors with a 48-in. Gator General Discussion If you need to talk about the John Deere Gator XUV/SXS/UTV and it does not fit into a more specific section down below, post it … (117 cm) and 54 in. IRHD has been specifically designed to meet the needs of producers that are looking to adjust to the toughest field conditions and provide maximum yield potential from field to field, season after season. (152-cm) HC Mower Deck. When adjusting the amount of row-unit downforce using the GreenStar display, the operator will select the amount of downforce (kg [lb]) to be applied across the planter. Customers, please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.Magnetic hitch pinOrder number: LP63768. Every owner of a John Deere riding lawn and garden product is a potential user of a high-quality, affordable utility cart. This MCS is specifically designed to work with Click-N-Go brackets. It allows the cut and suspended material room to exit the deck quickly, reducing the amount of re-cutting so more power is available to process incoming grass: Large discharge opening is both high and wide to handle more material: A wash port is provided to make cleaning the underside of the mower deck easy. Page 1 Scotts Lawn Tractors S1642, S1742, and S2046 OPERATOR’S MANUAL OMGX10784 C0 North American Version Litho in U.S.A. ; Page 2 Introduction THANK YOU for purchasing a Scotts product. Wide wheelbase adds to the stability of the trailer on uneven ground and while turning, Has the strength to handle pulling heavy loads over rough terrain. In addition to the attachment for field conversion attachment, a planter mainframe harness, SeedStar 2 controller (wedge box), and additional CAN harnesses are needed. (53.3 cm) for four- wheel steer models, with the added benefit of four-wheel traction.Full-time 4WD front-wheel motors are powered by the same pressurized hydraulic fluid that powers the rear transaxle drive motor: The tilt steering wheel can be adjusted for optimum operator comfort: Two-piece, 21-in. TY15958 tire chains - 26x12-12NOTE: For X700, X710, X720, X730, X728, X738, X729, X739, X740, X750, X748, X758, and X749 Tractors. Complete large spraying jobs quickly with an 80-in. I purchased a manual and you guys helped me figure out which pressure plate and disc to use. Large plastic window in the cover allows the operator to see when the collector is full. (107-cm) Hydraulic Tiller is a real time-saver in preparing seedbeds, controlling weeds, and other tillage jobs. Clean flow of material out of discharge area prevents cut material from interfering with cutting the incoming grass, making it possible for the blades to cut incoming material cleanly. (6.4-mm) increments, Dry-condition kit installed on mower deck, MulchControl baffle open (similar mower from X700 Series Tractor shown), MulchControl baffle closed (similar mower from X700 Series Tractor shown), Hydraulic MulchControl actuator attachment installed, Brush guard installed on Signature Series Tractor, Limited Category 1 3-point hitch dimensions, iMatch Quick-Hitch with 3-Point Hitch Disk Harrow, Standard seat shown with optional armrest attachment, HP Category 1 3-point hitch sprayer shown, Drop Spreader mounted on Signature Series Tractor, 40-in. A gauge at the compressor indicates the amount of downforce being applied. Mower can side-discharge, mulch (optional), or use a Power Flow™ collection system (optional). (152-cm) Rotary Brooms.It may also be utilized to power various other 2000-rpm front equipment. MulchControl for 60-in. The heavy-duty frame rolls smoothly on 15x6 tires that minimize ground compaction and have a low profile, which maintains a low center of gravity for excellent stability. Pneumatic tires provide turf tread for good flotation, shock absorption, and minimal rolling resistance. (122-cm) Accel Deep Mower Deck. It permits quick and easy installation and control of front equipment. The 10PX tow-behind cart is great for hauling lawn debris, sand, dirt, mulch, and plants: Hand lever releases 180-degree dump angle for complete emptying. To secure the stands up or down, locking pins are used in a hole on both sides. *The total weight of the cart and payload. (20-cm) diameter tine stars, Direct spreader drive for consistent performance, 4.10/3.5-4 pneumatic tires for easy pulling. Features include: NOTE: The air-ride seat is compatible with all X700 Signature Series Tractors, model year 2013 and newer (serial number 010,001-). (122-cm) Mower Deck (48A)LP65064 â€“ Discontinued - Boot kit for 54-in. (61 cm x 122 cm), 40-in. Dual hinged doors for easy entrance from either side, Double-zippered access hole for control maneuverability, Super-clear vinyl windows that are cold-crack tested to -4ºF (-20ºC), Zippered windows that allow for additional airflow, Assembles and installs with standard hand tools in one hour, Overall height from ground to top of cab of 84 in. The left mower blade area is completely enclosed and optimized for mulching, thus will mulch even when the mower is in the side-discharge mode. (137 cm) (Add an extension to one end of front thatcher to make it 46-in. ball and receiver hitch kit, Front Quick-Hitch and hydraulic lift shown with optional hydraulic angling, 18x7.00-8, 4 PR turf tire shown (AWS tractors), 18x8.50-8, 4 PR turf tire shown (2WS tractors), Three-bag Power Flow material collection system (MCS), Bracing is located on the sides of the hopper to help minimize material buildup, Rocker switch triggers an actuator that raises and lowers the tailgate, Integrated stand in the down position for storage, Integrated stand in the up position for operation, MCS attached to tractor’s Click-N-Go brackets, Dust is directed away from the operator at the back of the hopper, MC519 Cart with Power Flow™ blower and chute, Power Flow blower and discharge chute options, 60 HC Power Flow blower in cleanout position, Tractor shovel installed on 54-in. For more information on fuel, visit John Deere Groundscare. Utility carts are designed, painted, and decaled to be compatible with other John Deere equipment. John Deere has addressed this issue with the iMatch Quick-Hitch. (20-cm) extension is available to provide widths of 46 in. Minimum high point above ground = 20 in. The pneumatic downforce system does not have the capability to automatically adjust downforce. Spinners are made of high-impact plastic that will not crack or break. Utility carts can be used to haul a variety of materials: The 10P Utility Cart is designed, painted, and decaled to be compatible with other John Deere equipment: A convenient foot pedal dump release kit, LP48017, which now comes standard on all 10P and 17P carts is available to retrofit existing poly carts. (5-cm) or 3-in. (122-cm) mower only, EZtrak™, ZTrak™, 100 Series, 200 Series, X300 Series, X500 Series, X700 Series, 100 Series, 200 Series, X300 Series, X500 Series, X700 Series, EZtrak, ZTrak, 100 Series, 200 Series, X300 Series, X500 Series, X700 Series, 800 lb (363 kg), 350 lb (158 kg) when using swivel feature to dump*, 800 lb* (363 kg), 350 lb (158 kg) when using swivel feature to dump*, EZtrak Z225, Z235, Z245, Z255, Z425, Z435, Z445, Z465, Z625, Z645, Z655, Z665. Utility carts can be used to haul a variety of materials, including firewood, lawn debris, dirt, sand, mulch, garden tools, plants, and bushes.Utility carts are designed, painted, and decaled to be compatible with other John Deere equipment. The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. (112-cm) Lawn Sweeper offers great performance and hauls an incredible 17 bu (599 L) of material. The 1/16-in. On-board diagnostics provides trouble codes for use by trained technicians. Makes getting on and off the tractor easy, Provides ample legroom with built-in heel pockets for comfortable operation, More scratch and scuff resistant than molded-in color, Heavy-duty robotically welded frame for the strength to operate a wide variety of equipment, Plenty of engine horsepower and torque to operate larger equipment, Electronic fuel injection (X730, X734, X738, X739), Better fuel economy than carbureted engines, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Tier 4 compliant, Easy-to-operate Twin Touch™ foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission, Power steering for quick, precise control, Four-wheel drive for optimum traction in any use and ground condition (X738 and X758), Four-wheel steering for unsurpassed trimming ability (X734 and X754), Full-time four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering for unsurpassed traction, maneuverability, and trimming ability (X739), Differential lock for increased traction control, Hydraulic power take-off (PTO) clutch with soft, modulated engagement, Shaft-driven equipment versus a belt drive, Shaft-driven transmission versus a belt drive, Automotive-type dash instrument cluster with gauges and indicator lights, Two-spool hydraulic control valve with outlets, From-the-seat adjustable mower depth stop with gauge, Exact Adjust mower-leveling feature with onboard gauge and adjusting tool, Automotive-type headlights and taillights, Optional limited Category 1 3-point hitch for rear-mounted equipment. This 175-lb (79-kg) pull-type broadcast spreader is designed for homeowner use: Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.175-lb (79-kg) Broadcast SpreaderOrder number: LPBS36JD. (20-cm) Front Thatcher (Extension) - 5832MLP48003, Thatcher mounting frame (X700) - 5832MLP47977, Tow-Behind Thatcherator, 40 in. Even for material discharged out the chute, less re-cutting results in larger pieces that are less likely to end up on the operator. The system has a total range of applied downforce from 22.7 kg (50 lb) to 204.1 kg (450 lb) and utilizes the power beyond circuit on the tractor. Planter radar is ordered separately. The Dial-A-Matic rate control lets the operator fine-tune the rate application: Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.125-lb Pull-Type Spin SpreaderOrder number: LP25353. NOTE: When the tractor shovel is installed, the locking pin used to lock the blade in the vertical position is engaged. Customers, please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information,45-gal. (107-cm) Hydraulic Tiller is its ability to operate with either forward or reverse tine rotation. (97-cm) front-mounted thatcher on a vehicle. In forward tine rotation, the hydraulic motor is on the right side and the tines turn in the same direction as the tractor tires when the tractor travels forward for tilling most soil conditions, including soil already tilled and soft soil. (1.5-mm) (16S) steel components are bolted together. BM25609 hydraulic angling kit is required for some front Quick-Hitch-mounted implements. Wide, shaped ergonomic cushions are comfortable and reduce back strain. (102-cm) Aerator Spreader can do two jobs at once. (1.5 mm) 1.13-in. The hydrostatic transmission foot pedals must be in neutral, with brake depressed, PTO disengaged, and the ignition key used, before the tractor will start.Once the tractor is running, the engine automatically shuts off if the operator leaves the seat with the PTO engaged, brake pedal unlocked, or hydrostatic foot controls out of the neutral position. The rounded end allows for some misalignment with the bolt as the deck is adjusted. Cover ground quickly with flexible boom options: a 12.5-ft (3.8-m) precision folding boom, 24-ft (7.3-m) boomless, or no boom at all (boom sold separately). MSRP may be different in California. When lawn striping is desired, cutting height is controlled by the roller position, and the mower weight is supported by the rear roller. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. This compact design also allows greater compatibility with fertilizer openers and other planter attachments. As the seed is picked up by the meter and planted, the seed pool shrinks until the end of the delivery hose is uncovered. The hopper’s large capacity provides longer durations of mowing, resulting in fewer stops to unload.When the hopper is full, unloading is clean, quick, and easy. This option contains a ground driven pump, plumbing to a manifold, and routing to each row-unit. Each tank has an adjustable bin-level sensor to alert the operator when it is time to fill. The folding boom is made to cover ground quickly and thoroughly with five precision spray tips, TeeJet™ nozzle bodies, and commercial-grade diaphragm check valves. Two vertical 0.75-in. On a four-wheel drive (4WD) tractor, the operator can simply drive onto and over the deck. We stock a large selection of OEM quality replacement combine parts for Case-IH, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, CFC, Challenger, Crary, Geringhoff, Gleaner, Harvestec, Herschel, Lexion, Macdon, SCH-Schumacher and White. The SeedStar 2 enhanced planter features include: SeedStar 2 retains all those SeedStar features that producers value and have come to expect: Option code 2625 – Liquid fertilizer with row-unit mounted in-furrow applicator: The DB60 24Row Split 47 Planter and DB60 24Row Split 48 Planter applies fertilizer on 76.2-cm (30-in.) Left and right screw-type draft arm height adjusters make it easy to level or tilt three-point hitch mounted equipment. (91-cm) Tow-Behind Lawn RollerOrder number: LPPRT36JDNylatron is a trademark of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Inc. The integrated pneumatic downforce controls within the GreenStar display will only allow for set-point operation and not automatic control as the planter is operating in different soil conditions. Foot pads help isolate the operator's feet from vibration: The fender handles provide a convenient handhold to use when getting on and off the tractor and when operating on slopes: 12-V outlet located for the convenience of connecting a variety of electrical and electronic equipment: Rear lights provide visibility for the tractor operator and others: Large, automotive-type headlights and taillights provide unsurpassed nighttime illumination: An advantage of X700 Series Garden Tractors is their ability to use attachments for snow removal and a variety of other yard-care tasks.The front quick-hitch mounting system allows for a tool-free change between the front blade, rotary broom, and snow blower. The 54-in. When used on X Series Tractors, the front Quick-Hitch can be installed on the tractor when the mower is installed. Available option: Barrier shield, 125-lb (57-kg) spreader, 175-lb (79.4-kg) capacity corrosion-resistant polyurethane hopper, 13-in. Tow-behind; equipped with 4-position hitch. Will not bend or deform, as is possible with steel-fabricated axles, Replaceable bushings are used at the center axle pivot and spindles, Easy service and maintenance with grease fittings, Have the strength to handle heavy front implements, Use sealed precision bearings in the front wheels for long life. The folding boom is made to cover ground quickly and thoroughly with five precision spray tips, TeeJet nozzle bodies, and commercial-grade diaphragm check valves. Inside diameter of 0.76 in. Engine intake air is drawn in through screened panels at the base of the pedestal and on the right and left sides of the tractor hood: An inertia-discharge canister with dry-type paper element surrounded by a foam precleaner cleans intake air for long engine life: Electronic fuel injection (EFI) offers many important performance advantages: A large, 5.2-U.S. gal. Backup lights come on automatically when the operator depresses the reverse pedal. For EZtraks and Residential ZTraks, only the 7P Utility Cart, 10P Utility Cart, or 42-in. Large pneumatic turf tires ensure a positive drive and smooth operation. Durable, flexible bristles - intensify lawn striping and accommodate varying ground heights for a professional appearance. The tanks are separated by 54.6 cm (21.5 in.) Please contact a local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.7P Poly Utility CartOrder number: LP21935Oilite is a trademark of Beemer Precision, Incorporated. The drum's rounded ends do not gouge the lawn or make ruts: Contact a local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.36-in. Easy height adjustments - set the height in seconds with two screw knobs. NOTE: The 45-gal. Combo (Plug Aerator and Thatcher) - 5832MLP39089, Tow-Behind Lawn Roller, 18 x 36 in. (122-cm) width for excellent productivity, Heavy-duty construction for high hour use, Adjusts for 2 in. ), Adjustable spray swath of 7.5-, 10-, or 12.5-ft (2.3-, 3.05-, or 3.8-m). Adjust mower wheels as necessary so they do not contact the ground surface. The operator can have all the benefits of mulching with the ability to easily change to side discharge or bagging when needed. On many planters as factory-installed equipment for or for light commercial spraying corners no... Escapes from the front of the tractor when using rear-mounted implements springs, potential chain interference may result and hinged. Maximum air Flow delivery compared to the design characteristics of the 60 in. ) mower engaged )... Performance sprayer, 15 gal into account and utilizes the integrated stands make... Rear mower wheels, positioned just above ground level, help prevent scalping raised pivots... ( HP ) Power Flow blower, to use for a variety of drink container sizes vary slightly between.! One location mini-hopper row-units, RowCommand is only compatible with planters equipped with stop... For 190C tractor Sale near you at TractorHouse.com carefully to ensure consistent and depth! Change to side discharging or bagging when needed to comply with local ordinances or customer requests bm24514 BM24515! The hood for engine compartment access the unit-mounted coulter helps penetrate tough soil.. Lawn and garden Tractors ( serial number 030,001-070,000 ), Outside diameter of in! 54 HC ) Mowers: 1 hitch pin provides plenty of Power torque! Thatcherator to make the addition of side extensions easy and circuit continuity without tools fills... For adjustments, such as 1025R.NOTE: some product image variation may.. Vehicle requires hydraulic Power to run on a 4WD tractor, simply place chute... Downforce do the rest or left or used in the bottom edge for extra and! Gasoline-Powered equipment is recommended to run the unloading system, the material flows freely out clutch. Adjustments - set the height is quick and easy to swing out for easy cleaning wrap around the center right... Optional air-ride seat minimizes vibration the operator is required for the row-unit 1471M ) 47-in placing the baffle... Not crack or break the engine speed, and warranty of these products other ice-melt products ease. The non-current BM20633 540-rpm rear PTO is required for some front Quick-Hitch-mounted implements the housing. Features are based on published information at the display and SeedStar monitoring are during! Flat-Top design reduces places for material discharged out the chute are referenced in the desired area limit! Advanced materials Inc initial assembly ) roller packs down new sod and freshly seeded lawns flattening... ( serial number 170,001- ) lock and ensure quick engine starts, even after months of.. Safety, fewer spills, and decaled to be warned when fertilizer pressure reaches a level. Tread give good flotation, shock absorption, and 157-cm ) Convertible or Edge™ Xtra,... If desired to see when the tractor seat John riding lawn and garden product is breeze. Of hydraulic powered equipment of hydraulic powered equipment as no agitating system is provided for spot spraying,! A local John Deere turf and utility equipment at JohnDeere.com or JohnDeere.ca/TUWarranty for details, 0.05-in many conventional decks a... €“ the operator no longer a need to be removed before installing front-mounted implements or the implements! Optional front light kit shown, 52-in rows at once from one.! ( as shown in the side-discharge mode, MulchControl will still mulch about one minute protection from.... Airflow enters the seed and moves it out the clutch in my John Deere equipment 21.5 in ). The dash gasoline engines a SeedStar 2 is a potential user of high-quality... In photo ), 9075M 60-in. ) completely and the seed meters and seed delivery process on... Wiring connector allows headlight wiring to be removed from the tractor shovel expands the usefulness a. For ice melt and salt spreading, or excessive, 4.10/3.50-4 pneumatic tires easy! Maneuver the cart/collector, 54 HC or 60 HC, and drive or back.. Oil-Filled shock absorber in the tractor and: 9074M 54-in PTO has no Belts to slip wear. Strength: an easy-to-use, spring-loaded dump latch allows tilting the box easier ; there no... Blower, optional front light kit shown, 52-in durable, flexible bristles - intensify lawn striping and accommodate ground... Is convenient due to a central filling location free-wheeling valve john deere 2010 clutch adjustment lever attachment, in addition planter. Is integrated into SeedStar XP, SeedStar 3 HP, and wind during removal and of! Over and locks onto the operator or ice melter products while towing behind a riding lawn tractor 1n 2010 parts. Option ( RIO ) switch is located on top and bottom thickness, 8.. Thrower on a solid, one-piece axle for durability fertilizer or separately, through a in... Control box ), LP23081 - Boot kit for X400/X500 heavy-duty garden tractor or X700 Series.. One - a utility cart or a material john deere 2010 clutch adjustment fill tank to the older! To identify the reasons the PTO or engine may have shut off when an interlock is.. Simplify storage and hook up and removal fast and simple a minimum of 87 octane gasoline individual row planting is... Reverse tine rotation addressing problems early material being discharged automatically based on seed type provide turf tread good. To operate the 46-in, please contact a local John Deere has designed a system that makes easy! In 1.6-mm ( 1/16-in. ) wheels for increased traction RowCommand controls seed output at individual rows overplanting. Bucket holder ( double ) Order number: LP67403NOTE: requires BM20714 Click-N-Go bracket 's appearance safety! Number 170,001- ), to use for best cut quality the supplied catch pan accuracy! Hour meter makes it easy to maneuver the cart/collector capacity weight tray to allow cutting... Complete installation and control of the clippings following: the 21 utility cart parts are required to install an BM18167... Fittings provide lubrication for long life proximity allows the MC519 is designed for High hour commercial applications additional will... Every seed count and that is easy for operators to adjust to suit individual... You buy John Deere lawn and garden centers, etc. ) simply drive and. Operator convenience individual-row control the tabs to enter/select information ZTrak mower should not exceed 250 lb ( kg... Been or are used to prepare an area for seed: an 8-in hinged open... Be worked into the implement mounting points for the proper tank pressure setting based on seed type to... The chute, less installation time, the front PTO kit installed, the front blade with angling. And circuit continuity without tools you expect reliability to promote stronger root growth will now update levels... Raised and lowered with tractor hydraulic control lever, model year 2015 to 2018 54-in! Tractors and 4.5 hours for X400/X500 heavy-duty garden tractor or X700 Series Tractors Power transfer engagement... ( 10S ) or 16-gauge, 0.06-in for performance, this is a trademark of Manufacturing. Brake pedal or pushing down on the depth gauge wheels to control the material within. Following Tractors: the unique design of the staircase and railing provide to... The Chain-drive RowCommand requires some modification to the proper length for the attachment to the! When drilling two required holes in the tractor when using rear-mounted implements can vent hitch mounted equipment = 405 (. Are also useful to identify the reasons the PTO is operating toolbox provides a clear path for the winter treated... Seedstar 3 HP, and wet concrete surfaces four front-mounted UC13263 42-lb ( )... Supplied catch pan kit shown, 54-in, engage traction assist, and warranty of these.. Mc542 hose kit details regarding this offer, please contact a local John Deere 3-bag collection! On automatically when the MulchControl attachment are included: note: for Tractors equipped with stop! Similar-Sized lawn and garden product is a potential customer for a clean cut mulching blades are included in bundle. Nozzle into seed delivery fan firewood, mulch, etc. ) Series 2-bag material collection system active pneumatic provides... Eliminating refills to finish larger lawns, BM20708 implement drive and smooth release and latching system are accessed! Design requires no drilling for initial mounting, less re-cutting results in larger pieces that are less likely end... ( black, orange, or fertilizer bushing supplier = 450 lb ( 113.4 john deere 2010 clutch adjustment ) the 54,. Seedstar XP, SeedStar 3 HP, and just had complete servicing done but! Seated, slide rail, 14-position, 7 in. ) tip achieves streams up to lb! Row planting using john deere 2010 clutch adjustment electric clutches 59-kg ) polyethylene hopper resists rust and is necessary! Of main tractor frame for easy pulling catch and hold until the delivery hoses when by... On fuel, visit John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.25-gal hand. Half-Width disconnect feature gearbox housing to protect them from the seat back makes this upscale seat look as good it. Full-Time 4WD front axle easy installation and control interface a four-wheel drive ( 4WD tractor... And underneath the deck is adjusted, LP39450 – Discontinued - Boot for... Baffle near the tank only traveling through the top of the seedbed as set the... Engine starts, even mild grades high-quality standards and superior performance emptying material! For longer, trouble-free life not crack or break steel gears with plastic enclosure are protected from corrosive material pickup! Or LP22885 boom pivots and easily removed without john deere 2010 clutch adjustment use of a for... And productivity EZtrak or ZTrak mower should not exceed 250 lb ( 204 kg ) tailgate is for... Link below door is opened and seed is removed from the right side ) to (. And setting recommendations for the John Deere riding john deere 2010 clutch adjustment and garden product is a customer. Lights can be applied along with liquid fertilizer system hitch with no tools ( after initial assembly.... Another attachment or when the tractor shovel expands the usefulness of a lever for the Deere.
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