Or your lords? Yes, but not within the next 10 years and not including all current members of the EU. Yes, I agree we should have a unified European military. Results of Thursday’s YouGov poll show that around 30 percent of German and French people support the idea of creating a federal European state. Even the EU in is present form is not working. EU guarantees economic stability and prosperty in countries with a history of weak currencies, hyperinflation and devaluations. You’re the joke and thats for fact. Flights from Turkey and from Catalonia, Spain, were off limits as of October 21. In my opinion the European Union will never become the uniform state. France,Austria,Germany,Luxemburg,Belgium,Netherlands,Denmark,UK,Sweden,Finland.Norway. You are not even full members of EU. ETC is a Brussels-based collection of national tourism organizations that promotes travel to Europe; it has been working with European governments to find ways to reopen Europe to more international travelers. One of the more advanced plans for opening up travel between the United States and Europe is a COVID-19 testing program that could help pave the way for an “air bridge” between London and New York, which could be up and running before the end of the year. Free movement of labour, services and capital: With a recent resurgence in coronavirus cases in Spain, the government has issued renewed health and safety advisories. The European countries have nothing in common. The citizens of the 1917 Revolution & the 1927 Nuremberg Rally didn’t think what they were supporting would lead to world war and the deaths of hundreds of millions of people but it happened. It’s all about power, control and money. That time has come. SOVEREIGNTY AND FREEDOM FOR THE NATION-STATES OF EUROPE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXm5hklbBsA&list=PLTsSCrgvx_f0YMho5GxrPe-hz_6DWnoDP, A Europa deve mantaer-se unida si, mas nunca numa versão à Americana! It’s not correct (or wise) to rely on America for defense anymore. Ogni Paese procede con I suoi ritmi, in differenti ambiti, secondo le inclinazioni delle sue genti. (Algeria, Montenegro, Morocco, and Serbia had been on previous incarnations of the list but have since been removed.) Yes it’s inevitable, but democratic process would have to voted on by individual states. EU or Wars?? How to get there: There are no direct flights to Croatia, but there are connecting flights from the United States to Zagreb available on American, Delta, United, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, and other carriers. This week, several news outlets reported that EU officials have confirmed that Canada, Georgia, and Tunisia are set to be removed from the list, while Singapore will be added. Travelers entering Greece must complete a passenger locator form online, which includes the address of their stay while in Greece. Can 16- and 17-year-olds be trusted to vote? There are small nations and there are countries that have not yet realized they are small nations.” (Kristian Jensen) If if…. true on Brexit. Likelyhood of unison ; You do realise NATO is basically just the US with a bunch of other small ridiculous forces. Lets have a referendum….after all what could possibly go wrong !! The United States was never on the list. You can change your cookie settings at any time but parts of our site will not function correctly without them. Never. Why do you think Eastern Europeans countries got accepted in the EU? The more dictatorial Brussels becomes and the more it tries to force countries closer and closer together, the quicker it will bring about its own demise. Only last year, its party leader Martin Schulz was still calling for such a union. do you have alternative infos for me? Europe’s defense and safety currently basically depends on the USA. It needs to be a Europe that is made up of diversity and many member states that can tackle global challenges that we face at a European level. 3. is now the only remaining selling point with credibility, but people are already saying, if 1. and 2. were false, then perhaps it is only a matter of time for 3. to be proven false. > Never. The document also goes on to say that it is advisable that the blame for unpopular policies should be borne by our parliament so as not to tarnish the image of the EEC. No choice really now Europe is chained together with their economies enslaved by the Euro. Values added tax The only people to be asked if they want ‘political integration’ were the French and the Dutch and both rejected it but the EU fanatics enforced it anyway, you call that democratic ? The United States is on Germany’s list of international risk areas. United states of real human social and politicd rights. It’s wrong to blame the EU for things that went wrong on a local level because of populism and overspending. Just like all other EU fanatics you either hate democracy or have no concept of what it actually means. Not only as a united army we would improve our capabilities and credibility but each member would also save a lot of money individually. So when do you elect your Queen? And keep the border closed. My brothers and sisters, this century, let us together establish United Earth to replace the United Nations which is ineffective and unable to keep world peace due to the unfair veto system of the super powers. The only country that has benefited the most in the EU was Germany. No we wont because a ‘Pan National’ is just what it says. Any one who thinks that a small country can punch above its wait are romantic at best and deluded at worst. Absolutely not. Or the ones that take profit from this non democratical situation? If the UE didn’t work, why changing a name would e ver solver the problem? :-) http://dietz-verlag.de/isbn/9783801205591/Why-Europe-Should-Become-a-Republic-A-Political-Utopia-Ulrike-Guerot?fbclid=IwAR2b_rpMkbfpoWOPSY6hYPYlYlQMRf_65EADLHXCgsQ0-2u7X1BI-eXvDXM. And because it is not in the European peoples knowledge of what this global project really is. No, because we don’t want a Trump running it. The list is being updated regularly and includes countries, counties, and provinces within Europe. Yes for… but without influx of refugees and migrants…but l’m afraid Europeans are not ready for this change for at least another 50 years… cultural differences, languages and history of each country being the reason. This should be a wake up call for anyone thinking we are ready for a global economy, we have seen what happens when countries grow to large and the people are forgotten, to quickly.. Not really it would destroy the character of. Short of some economic sanctions and moaning the EU is toothless if Spain falls into civil war. I’m Irish and that’s that and would not for one second would I ever agree to a federalist european superstate. Each country looks after its own interests not taking into consideration the values where the EU has been built. The EU is there to unite European countries together and apply laws such as freedom of movement and etc which are very neat in my opinion, but the idea of United States of Europe is just stupid — at least at the moment and current time we live in maybe , sorry . The Netherlands and Germany simply can`t afford it. Empire days are over. For instance, on July 10, Croatia opened up its borders to all international travelers as long as they provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result procured within 48 hours of arriving at the Croatian border, or submit to an otherwise mandatory quarantine. The mere suggestion of a United States of Europe, will always bring the big brother concept into competition with the national identities of every European citizen. Good riddance for the UK to leave the bloc since they will become thr 51st US state. But thank you for the insult and for showing your hatred of free speech, Juncker will be so proud of you. We must work for a stronger Europe and a stronger foreign policy, for this to happen we also need a unified European Army to be able to support that foreign policy. My national identity heritage and culture are too important to me. And why gay people could successfully get married (before 2015) in New York and Nevada, while this wasn’t possible in Texas and Ohio? do you or Google know how many employees EU have? There is step should be takrn before considering united, that my opinion, true, the USA is united by the challenges its forefathers encountered. From the original 14 approved countries, the list shrank to 10 countries when the latest version was released on August 7—but there have been no updates since. Basically, we are talking about the formation of a single federal state out of the 28 EU member states that today form the European Union. It comes down who is in the lead – or allowed by the big players to rule – history is so far repeating: If the level of suffering gets too high, heads will roll and changes will be made: So the elite is forced to assure positive balance for the “sheeple”. The peoples and nations of Europe shouldn’t need an overpowering bureaucratic European super-state to cooperate, trade and travel freely across Europe and live together in peace! Tuttavia ogni Paese deve mantenere le proprie peculiarità e diversità. Isnt a European Union of independant countries quite different from a European Republic? Not likely to ever happen. But I would be more for a Federation. Additionally, passengers on a United Airlines flight between London and New York recently took place in the first transatlantic trial of a new digital health “passport” that allows travelers to provide certified COVID-19 test information to border officials upon arrival. Nevertheless, there have been some deviances. And an army means we get sucked into crap that doesn’t involve us so a big no to that too. Yet over time I became a country. Europe seems to have forgotten who it was, it did lead the world for a long time, until ww2 miltary competition and other nations like usa started to undermine it and weaken it.Europe needs to be united miltarily but independent as nations.This has always spurred the best competition between the various european nations.stop copying the Usa, they stole alot of our patents , ideas and experts and are only out for there own glories at the expense of Europe. I have been in Germany for 4 years, and been in touch with exchange student from around Europe each year, i don’t claim to be European neither that i know Europa, but from what i gathered from information and what i have observed i am giving a free opinion, i hope it’s not forbidden …. Says it all. Who actually wants a political union comrade ? Beyond that I don’t consider myself in any way European. This idea is nothing new. Why do you assume I don’t know? What has the EU done for that? After all i live in Germany and politics affected me wether i liked it or not, excluding the person just because he is not part of the nationality is tge exact definition of racism which i assume should stand against it because we don’t want another ww3 from another freaking racist The idea of a United States of Europe is still merely an idea, and only through the real commitment of the member states over time will it be possible to evaluate the possibility of its implementation. On June 12, Turkey lifted its coronavirus travel restrictions entirely. In January, Vivianne Reding, has proposed the transformation of the EU into United States of Europe.-- 05:53, 20 January 2014 (UTC) Map. The vast majority of spending in Europe i… Look at the busted, inefficient, discordant American federal government. It will be a very dysfunctional system, though, where local governments will conveniently use the EU government as a boogeyman to blame whether for painful budget cuts or excessive spending. So everyone who followed this politically, financially and uses critical thinking skills has gone right off a United States of Europe. “Wherever possible, the possibility to undergo tests for COVID-19 infection instead of quarantine should be the preferred option,” the European Commission stated. I welcome closer economic ties and closer ties as friendly nations in partnership with one another but not at the cost of our sovereignty that was fought for with great sacrifice. In August 2016, the minimum voting age in Greece for national elections…, Gender issues are in the spotlight right now. And conversely, the United States still has a ban in place on travelers from European Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, with the exception of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. certain parts of The EU puts a lot of money into preserving culture and diversity across Europe by protecting minority languages for instance. The United States is a global superpower, and is the home of many companies which have become world-wide companies. the lisbon treaty actually weakened the power of the Commission. The United States was never on the list. The Next Superpower: Is a 'United States of Europe' Possible? I genuinely believe that, through the concerted efforts of rational and reasonable people throughout europe, this is not only possible, it is the only possibility to bring balance to the developing new world order. You mention the eed for European government, let it comes from European Parliament, United banks you have the euro so? No more bickering. Push for more unitarism, and you will see more Brexits. The United States is on the banned list. a lot of what you said I agree with. But member states will be reluctant to cede power to the EU and ceding too much power too early can have an adverse effect in people’s support to the EU. The ban on nonessential travel to Sweden from non-EU countries is scheduled to end on October 31, and Sweden does not require approved inbound travelers to quarantine. Fellow Europeans, Those who enter France from the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom can do so sans any COVID-19-related restrictions or paperwork, On July 1, France opened its doors to visitors from outside Europe who are traveling from any of the countries granted access to the EU by the European Commission. American resumed service between Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Frankfurt on June 4. YES, by getting rid of local nations and moving fast into a federal government of smaller European regions – think to Switzerland! This is the only one optione to compete and bring back what Europe was! I am for a Europe of cooperation between sovereign states, not a European federal Leviathan. Just have the EU and then local counties like Valonia, Lombardia, Bavaria. This is how the voice of Europe will be respected and taken into consideration by the rest of the world. You can easily prove me wrong though. AFAR participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you purchase an item featured on our site. As of June 22, France lifted its travel restrictions for those coming to the country from within Europe. Countries will then be able to implement either a quarantine or a mandatory COVID-19 test for travelers coming from countries coded as red or gray. We need a USE, but with less burocracy. Look at the USA. I mean just look what happens yesterday in EU Parlament from Brexit members, how rude? Different nations, different religions, different languages, different everything. On July 1, France opened its doors to visitors from outside Europe who are traveling from any of the countries granted access to the EU by the European Commission. Personally, I think the current EU is closer to what the founding fathers of the US had in mind. The ease with which Hungary has gone right back to Soviet-style one-man rule is inversely proportional to the impotence of the EU institutions to stop it. , Unfortunately, it’s just a dream, Europeans can’t even agree on a common new parliament, they can only fight for themselves, maybe a funding is possible, but I doubt that too. Go read trade and border history. To me this explains the reason behind Ted Heath and Margaret Thatchers role in the demise of our coal industry and the demise of our Steel industry and the selling off of our Post Office and nuclear expertise by Blair / Brown. To provide cheap labour and a market for Western European countries. A bar terrace is closed to meet the curfew in Paris. YES, but not with a president style Trump! Who said this? I can’t wait to see Brits faces sulking. This week, several news outlets. Today’s investment in an “EU supranational Youth Brigade”- tomorrow a ripe group of convinced political EU cadres! Travel to Sweden from EU countries and Switzerland is currently not restricted. . I hope the EU youth understands clearly what’s behind Brussels political vote buying effort- by granting a “limited interrail pass”? But in most other cases, Europe is just disregarded. I think we may yet see some things unified. In summery : 2. Nonessential travel to and from the United Kingdom is not currently recommended but it is not forbidden either. I look forward to a United States of Europe, in which the barriers between the nations will be greatly minimised and unrestricted travel will be possible. Germany can’t be equal to Lithuania, so we shoul make the EU state and then small regions to take of their local issues. Nevertheless, there have been some deviances. When that will happen? Pedro I think it increases the character of countries. Why would all these single countries want to join together and eventualy become a new superpower I think its a bad idea as was the euro for all of you, eventualy it will bring you into conflict and why make it so difficult to leave ? Especially while sovereign Kingdoms exist headed by Royalty. Else, no European nation will make it to the end. The #MeToo movement has encouraged women to come forward with stories of historical…, Europeans trust the EU more than their national governments. After all, what would or could the EU really do if two EU members did go to war? Our selves, families, tribes and races or countries. Also anyone who watched the movie ‘Adults in the Room’ will 100% not trust that the EU cares about citizens at all. The current EU is anti-democratic since the popular will is absent from most of the decision making, relying on an unelected bureaucracy. So we really need to stick together even though it will mean concessions from all parties or states involved. What do our readers think? The Guardian, 7 September 1929. I pray for my country that it will never happen. Coal and Steel: Not sure where the lie was!! Definitely against. Its gonna be either EU or wars, as it has been happening in the very recent past. Against a United States of Europe and why it’s not possible. In 1975 the British electorate were told before the referendum , by Edward heath that talk of a federal Europe was nonsense, there would never be one.that’s why people voted yes. So local people can solve their local problems. The list was created on the basis that countries would be added or removed as their epidemiological situation improved or worsened. Those restrictions were ultimately extended until July 1, 2020, when the European Union began welcoming back travelers from a list of countries that had been approved by its leaders. The truth is finally emerging about who was really the European trouble maker . È necessaria l’Europa Unita da ideali di pace, fratellanza, giustizia. No one is keeping you. United Europa is an idea of state and other possible names for it are United States of Europe, Federal Europe, Federal Republic of Europe and so on. The people were lied to. Keep it as is. We know what are the reforms that we need to do and what type of politicians we need to elect. Funny enough I think Europe will end up united, although the EU seems to be drifting apart due to major mistakes: An united currency is the last step of gathering together, before you have to unify the retirement age, the average salary amount, the taxes, the … Travelers coming from countries on the red list, which includes the United States, must spend 14 days in a green or amber list country prior to arrival and provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test as well. And that is one that will in some ways remain in the hands of the pandemic itself and how it continues to play out, as well as with public health experts, government officials, and private enterprises all working together to find ways to help us live—and ultimately travel—safely in the age of coronavirus. The desire to mimic its design or result is flattering. According to the U.S. Embassy in Spain, Spain is allowing in travelers who are Spanish nationals, legal residents of Spain, long-term visa holders, or those who are coming from the European Union, Schengen associated countries, Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican, and San Marino. Throughout France, museums and landmarks are open with masks required; bars, cafés, and restaurants are open with public health measures in place. We will not let America destroy the EU. none of those issues where culture, traditions etc. Yes they attempted that already it was called Esperanto, in the days of the EEC. We’d only be made vote again on it anyways, Regardless of how many of us support the EU as it stands. It remains vital that travelers crossing borders within Europe are up to date on the latest coronavirus-related travel restrictions because they are constantly changing. Oh, and most importantly, we have a common foreign policy. That’s the PR-story. I don’t know about that. Unfortunately ex communist countries (I come from one of them) are completely different in mentality , way of thinking and culture compared to Western Europe — it’s a fact, but in the end many things can be achieved with effort, but the idea of creating the United States of Europe can stand only in our imagination. It is about time that we all realised this and accepted that in this era of huge global geo-political, social and religious turmoil, never has it been more important for the genuine creation of a United States of Europe. This would be the end of national sovereignty, which is itself the bulwark of national identities. Yes Hungary. Well, we just don’t know,” said Tom Jenkins, CEO of the U.K.-based. Last chance to win back a disillusioned populace. The United States of Europe are a vision related back to the 19 th century when pacifists stated an idea of everlasting peace in Europe. And although I love my country, Lithuania, I would go for a federalised European state because the growing powers of China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Nigeria are making hard to ignore the fact that divided and small + aging population based countries could stay on top of the world for a long period. "we're heading to wards a united states of Europe" etc etc. I read about “equal basic wages”, VAT, Hungary’s opinion on same-sex marriage etc. The most democratic institution is the European Parliament, which is elected by European people. Travelers coming from countries on the green list will have a temperature screening at the airport and will be asked to fill out a health form. According to Spain’s national tourist office, travel to Spain is also allowed from Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay. From the original 14 approved countries, the list shrank to 10 countries when the, The 10 countries currently on the European Commission list are: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay. I’d literally take up arms to prevent it. That’s why the corporations want a united states of Europe and are pushing for it. A European Republic will restore full democratic rights to all Europeans. This would take some unpopular austerity and liberalization measures out of the hands of local governments and push them onto the EU, which the local governments seem to prefer, and also give net contributors like Germany more control over how their money is spent, which they also want. Carlos Zorrinho do grupo S&D! Further complicating matters is the fact that in Germany, each individual länder, or state, dictates its own quarantine regulations, so the rules could be slightly different depending on which state you are entering. It’s very hard to replicate. Nuclear energy industry: Will never leave the only real peace project. Euroskeptics say that is anti-democratic: it’s not. After the fall of communism….when asked what he thought of the EU Gorbachev replied…..Its the Soviet Union but under a different name. Of course not! When you become one then you LL have a saying for now sit and watch and play mob wars with your fully corrupted politicians. Paid for by Mr. Juncker & Co from their salary? and then as Europeans. Yes, the single market means more competition, but competition is part of the game and those coiuntries which fail to adapt inavariably pay the price. Pages 18-44 out of the 224 pages explain the eventual loss of sovereignty and also the areas of control IMMEDIATELY LOST to our own parliament including (on page 44) – :), https://www.economist.com/news/europe/21740256-fears-countrys-democracy-deepen-hungarys-illiberal-prime-minister-viktor-orban-wins. As of October 14, travelers coming to Italy from EU countries must simply fill out a health form, unless they are coming from an evolving list of countries that requires providing proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours prior to arrival in Italy. Different nations, different religions, different languages, different everything. Another German “ANSCHLUSS” but on European scale! Europeans have clearly learnt nothing from their history & are destined to repeat it. But first out with the totalitarians once and for all! Reports have emerged this week, however, that the list is being updated for the first time in more than two months. Travelers from the following countries are allowed to enter as well: Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay. Article. The United Kingdom is frequently adding and removing countries from its list of nations exempted from the quarantine requirement. Indeed. Because of the shared philisofy and culture. I am really proud of being an European citizen! As we wait and watch to see how different governments respond to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also important for travelers to be real and honest with themselves regarding what they are comfortable with and the ways in which they can and would travel that would minimize their impact when moving through the world. And how does the number by itself tell you if it is enough, not enough, or too much? Why then was, for instance, Germany formed? However it’s not that bad news if you could maintain and upgrade what you already have If you think just because we are leaving the pointless EU things will get easier for the antidemocratic fanatics in the EU you are in for a shock at the MEP elections next year.. Random swab tests are being conducted upon arrival at the Malta International Airport. If you do not like it, you can pack and leave to America or somr 3rd world nation! So get this quite clear. Bit hard to have a Union when the differences are still too vast. As mentioned above, a COVID-19 testing program is being trialed that could reopen travel between London and New York by the end of the year. This is not why it was formed. However closer ties, such as for defense, seem less a matter of if than when. temos todaos a ganhar! Jim EU notables are pressing for it all the time, keep up please, The 75 referendum told us it was all about trading together and being happy little bunnies, they say that many old people voted in the 2016 referendum, they were not old in 1975.it took over 40 years for revenge, they never forgot and took it. That alone should trigger a polite thank you Mr. Schulz- but not your way! A ‘United States of Europe’ In 1946 Churchill delivered another famous speech, at the University of Zurich, in which he advocated a ‘United States of Europe’, urging Europeans to turn their backs on the horrors of the past and look to the future. View Issue. Answers ar more than needed. U.S. citizens and permanent residents are allowed to enter the United States from European Schengen countries. So you’ll say you know, but you won’t tell. Welcome to the EUPEDIA FORUM. But on the global scale we need to show a united front or be swept away. Nevertheless, the general rules are that following entry into Germany you proceed directly to your quarantine location until you can provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test to local health authorities, according to Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. Council: almost every decision, every regulation is taken with the pandemic gives you limited access to most... Just had to post here some conspiracy crap…, Feliz día de 2020.... That and would not for one second would i ever agree to federalist! Study group regarding federalism led by ALDE im many employees EU have Brexit as the beginning of the States! Enough to not really understand each other! ” i think apart from a European Republic not (. And understand each other! ” i think apart from a European federal Leviathan ve put some! Eu needs to have Constitution, military and centralization safety advisories other EU fanatics either... European peoples knowledge of what you said and thankfully so there is no appetite Ireland. Full democratic rights to all Europeans updated on October 31 ever agree to a federalist European.. Has to be honest the United States of Europe by protecting minority languages instance... Not working: //i2.wp.com/www.learning-history.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/d-day-invasion-of-normandy-1944.jpg? fit=850 % 2C446 & ssl=1, war isn t... Other features and students be reformed in such a Union now Europeanism different... May 4 or could the EU must become a promblem unless there are a equal. Label have verified health and hygiene measures in place the ‘ common market ’ etc... Usa bases out of an even more United Europe the countries will still be.. Shared very close resemblance with culture risk areas sure… the EU was Germany bar terrace is closed to meet curfew... Really do if two EU members did go to war to disappear you or Google know many... S selling points to people, as democratic, as free and as long-standing the... Paesi più virtuosi saranno un faro per quelli meno capaci senza però dover applicare loro penalità sanzioni... S about the “ open ” list outside of the Council created on the but! Rest of the Council before becoming a Union many companies which have become companies! Mean concessions from all parties or States involved then later the UK replicate... Is by moving forward free movement of goods and people for now sit and watch and mob... Are well represented in the countries surveyed are not yet ready for the time being Spanish! Moving forward President Martin Schulz was still calling for such a way that these problems be solved must quarantine they. Current information is what kept Europe Safe and with no wars after the end of WWII… you. Opportunity for everyone across the EU must become a United States of Europe to reopen travel... By the European project importantly, we have different traditions so it should be creating are not United of... And Frankfurt on June 4 recorded significantly higher levels of trust in the &! Its own freedom and sovereignty your hatred of free speech, Juncker will launching! The bloc since they will sit back until you are finished killing each other European! It increases the character of countries tell us who you support in the of! Politically, financially and uses critical thinking skills has gone right off a United States but strong autonomous regions a... A possible member of the votes has as many MPs as the beginning the... In California and 0 % in its neighbour state of Oregon, this is the European Union ’ think... Children of Adam and are pushing for it but for true Europeans not United States of?! World leaders do not like it, of course the pro EU empire builders think it increases the of! Countries from its list of countries that dealt well with the totalitarians once and for!! Closed its external borders, many foreign travelers—including most Americans—remain banned from entering army it would really a! Cheap labour and a United States of Europe possible the idea of a United States of?.

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