The little detail is, it’s not standardized on all airlines and they differ greatly between them, the biggest difference is usually between those offering it for domestic flights or for longer and night flights. The hot portion included eggs, a sausage link, spinach and hash browns. If Air France were going to err one way or the other, I’d much prefer they cater an extra 24 business-class meals for PE passengers. The experience of flying in Premium Economy starts from before trip since you have the right to greater quantity and weight of luggage. Pros: excellent IFE, remarkably friendly crew, tasty meals, you land in paradise. Given the ample overhead storage space, I feel confident that anyone sitting on Row 19 will find space for their bag(s), and not having anyone directly in front of you just felt nice with this layout. English, German, Spanish or French at the best rates. It was on the upper deck of the A-380 so had we some extra storage by the window, never having to access the overhead. What I didn’t appreciate, however, was the slide-forward seat design. View the current offers here. Please view our advertising policy page for more information. One thing that wasn’t as pleasing was the fact that PE customers were asked to use lavatories in the economy cabin. When booking through a partner like Air France, your MQDs are calculated as a percentage of the distance flown, with higher classes of service (like premium economy and business) earning a higher percentage. For this British Airways Premium Economy review, we took at look at two international flights and pricing for the British Airways Premium Economy 777, A380, 747, and 787 as compared to Economy and Business Class. The seat reclining system is different from Economy and you have to move your body to recline it, which took me a few minutes to pick up and the recline is bigger but you still feel you are sitting, it’s still a rather small seat to be able to turn on your side to sleep for example. Boeing 777-200 Upgrade para a Classe Premium Economy Mitte Januar stellte Air France die neue Kabine ihrer Ferien-777 vor. Throughout the flight, you can access some snacks and drinks in the galley of each area. Air France poursuit l’équipement de ses Boeing 777 avec ses nouvelles cabines Best & Beyond en La Première, Business, Premium Economy, Economy, Fin 2014, cinq Boeing 777 … not the bulkhead). Difficile en l’état de comprendre où serait récupérée la place pour les positionner, à moins d’une réduction de l’espace pour les jambes, d’une compression des cabines Premium et Business , ou d’une reconfiguration de certains galley et postes de repos équipages . I also witnessed three of the crew members in the galley laughing as they prepped their next service run. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. My screen was responsive to touch inputs, and there must have been 200 films to watch. Find here the best offers to book your trip at the best rates, You can find the cheapest flight to with Skyscanner to compare with different airlines, or if you prefer you can GO DIRECTLY TO Air France website. The lavatory assigned the PE cabin was far roomier than the one on board the 737-800 I’d seen on my positioning flight, and felt spacious enough for anyone to use comfortably. Though my ticket would have granted me access to Air France’s partner lounge (operated by Qantas), that lounge closed at 11:30pm. I appreciated how small, private and exclusive Air France’s premium economy cabin felt, and the 2-4-2 configuration is great for couples and families alike. Featuring a modern clean cabin, well appointed seats and above-standard amenities such as champagne on tap and enhanced amenity … My heart oftentimes skips a beat when I board a long flight that’s disconnected from the world below, as it enables a refreshing break and time to focus, read or meditate. I soon learned that this step was essentially a preboarding exercise. One … Thank you for your review. Despite starting an hour later than was scheduled, the boarding process was relatively calm. À cela s’ajoutent également des destinations comme Maurice (MRU), Antananarivo (TNR), La Havane (HAV), Saint-Domingue/Punta … Classe Premium Economy - Confort - Air France Afficher directement le contenu de la page Ouvrir le menu menu Each seat has a big touchscreen with a very varied entertainment menu, which includes even mindfulness meditation and stretching sessions to perform on your same seat and make the trip less tiring physically. Had I desired a shower prior to the seven-hour, 40-minute jaunt across the Pacific, I would’ve taken the complimentary Delta shuttle to Terminal 2. It is flown on various long-haul intercontinental routes. The incident occurred… Ein bequemer, verstellbarer Sitz Der Premium Economy Sitz verfügt über eine breite, bequeme Sitzfläche, bietet Ihnen 40 % mehr Platz als in der Economy Kabine und verfügt über zahlreiche Ablagen. In no way do these seats feel cramped, and I had no issues typing on a 13-inch laptop with a drink and a snack on my tray table. The best thing about the seats in this category is that they are an individual capsule, so you will not jump every time the passenger behind you has to take something out of the front compartment and touch your lowest back (let’s be real..booty) through the seat fabrics. It was then she informed me that the crew would be coming by shortly with an amenity kit that included one. Click here for the lowest available Air France fares. This particular Boeing 777-200 tended to fly long-haul routes between CDG and LAX, JFK, Beijing (PEK) and Taipei (TPE), but its route history showed Papeete (PPT) entering the rotation of late. On my flight, however, the No. La cabina Premium Economy protegge la sua tranquillità: è isolata da pareti e comprende un numero limitato di poltrone. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. I’ll also admit that the included eye mask was the most comfortable, best-fitting eye mask I’ve ever received in an amenity kit. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Low fares are available to all your favorite destinations! We might not be able to travel now, but you can find here some inspiration for when we can Travel Again. Yes, the back of the seat did move lower, but it didn’t really move back. With both the seatback and the footrest fully, erm, engaged, you were left in a position that I can only compare to a playground slide. Before the flight I spent some time at the Air France/KLMlounge just beside the departure gate. I tried several of them and they are well thought out to be able to do without disturbing your seat partner. Boarding was painless, especially as a Skyteam Elite Plus member. The second came about 75 minutes prior to landing and was much more substantial. Copyright © 2013-2020 Nomadicchica All Rights Reserved. Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. French Polynesia is a highly coveted locale to visit, known globally as an elite honeymoon and vacation destination for those who appreciate sunshine, sand, diving and no-filter-needed aquamarine lagoons. The headphones weren’t of the same quality level as Bose or Sony, but I went in with fairly low expectations given the spartan design and was duly impressed with how they performed. When the flight attendant came by shortly after takeoff, I asked if she had access to an eye mask. Le réseau COI, pour Caraïbes-Océan Indien, concerne historiquement les lignes vers les départements d’Outre-Mer : Martinique (FDF), Guadeloupe (PTP) et l’île de la Réunion (RUN). Cons: sliding premium economy seat that’s terrible to sleep in, no Wi-Fi, very few soft upgrades over economy. Leia também nossos posts sobre as mais diversas companhias aéreas! Profitez de votre vol en cabine Premium Economy pour dormir, lire ou travailler en toute liberté. It is flown on various long-haul intercontinental routes. With less waiting and a more comfortable and fast approach. In Premium Economy wird Ihre Ungestörtheit großgeschrieben: Die Kabine ist durch Trennwände abgegrenzt, weniger Sitze sorgen für mehr Platz. Leia também nossos posts sobre as mais diversas companhias aéreas! Check HERE the best plan at a monthly payment. Almost all airlines are currently offering a category that is between the typical Economy and the great Business Class. While I had initially attempted to book the mixed-class itinerary on (which, historically, has handled these complexities with aplomb), it kept failing at the confirmation page. I had my bag checked all the way through to Tahiti and my boarding card in hand mere minutes after arrival at Terminal 2, and despite a fairly busy afternoon, the TSA PreCheck line moved me through in approximately five minutes. Bei der USA Roadshow durften wir Neues über die Air France und dort speziell über die Kabinen der Boeing 777 (Triple Seven) in den Varianten 200ER-BEST und 300ER-BEST, die mit den Codierungen 7B2 und 7B3 abgekürzt werden, erfahren. Air France dévoile ses nouvelles cabines de voyage long-courrier exclusivement disponibles à bord de ses Airbus A330. The highlight of the flight, by far, was the service. Want to fly with them? That’s on top of a robust music library, a dedicated kids section, games and more. Ciao! Because France. American Airlines offers a Premium Economy cabin on most of its long-haul fleet and this is a review of the airline's product on its Boeing 777-200 aircraft flying between London Heathrow and Los Angeles. By the time I got to my seat, I had a Welcome Kit including the standard socks, eye-mask, toothbrush, earplugs, headphones covers and a bottle of water in the front compartment. © 2021 THE POINTS GUY, LLC. I flew Air France’s premium economy a few years back on a daytime trip from Europe to the United States, and much of what I recall from that flight was true for this one. Una poltrona comoda e regolabile Dotata di una seduta ampia e rilassante, la poltrona Premium Economy le offre il 40% di spazio supplementare rispetto alla cabina Economy, nonché numerosi contenitori. I generally don’t prefer bulkhead seats, but I’ll make an exception here. Even a call to Delta’s magical Diamond line was in vain. With a $5,275.00 base fare, I wanted to make sure I’d earn somewhere close to that when booking through Air France. Flight Information Date: September 22, 2017 Flight No. Air France Fleet Boeing 777-300ER Configuration. Ein bequemer, verstellbarer Sitz Der Premium Economy Sitz verfügt über eine breite, bequeme Sitzfläche, bietet Ihnen 40 % mehr Platz als in der Economy Kabine und verfügt über zahlreiche Ablagen. This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. While it paled in comparison to kits found in business-class cabins the world over, it beat the big fat nothing received by folks in the economy cabin. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. : AF166 Route: Paris Charles de Gaulle to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airline: Air France Type: Boeing 777-300ER Registration: F-GZNG. Don’t forget to travel with Health Insurance. The crew member assigned to my aisle was one of the most jovial and attentive I’ve ever seen in any cabin. “Those were good,” she said. First class on this Boeing 777-300 ER features 8 luxury full-flat sleeper suites, while a large Business Class section is equipped with slanted flat sleeper seats. Professional. David, a check-in agent I’ve come to know over the years, paused a bit after seeing my baggage tag. Since we were booking these flights at the last minute — only a week before I needed to be in Germany — we didn’t get the best rate. Onboard classes include: Business, Premium Economy, and Had I booked this trip through Delta, the MQD calculation would’ve been simple — it’s the base fare. The little detail is, it’s not standardized on all airlines and they differ greatly between them, the biggest difference is usually between those offering it for domestic flights or for longer and night flights. If you want to fly with Air France: Purchase a Ticket HERE and check the best offers for your next trip! I was wine-and-dined as well as I could have hoped for in business class. One, you couldn’t recline back into anyone, which was great for those in rows 20 and 21 (e.g. But it’s still a well-rounded product with flashes of fun French style. There was a secondary button as well, which flipped a footrest out. British Airways Economy vs Premium Economy Pricing How much more are you going to pay? My colleague Zach Honig arrived on United’s inaugural Dreamliner flight between San Francisco (SFO) and Papeete (PPT), and I was shortly behind on Air France’s Boeing 777-200 service from Los Angeles (LAX). Oh, and another piece of bread. When it’s not time to sleep, you’re less inclined to test the recline. Add a Review Be the first to add a photo! Folks closing in on TPG’s height (6 feet, 7 inches) would be even more frustrated by how close, yet so far, this solution is.). It included bread, camembert cheese and a wine that was not too bad to accompany dinner. Air France operates this version of the Boeing 777-200ER configured with 312 seats in three classes of service. When Zone 2 was called, I wasn’t required to produce my passport or my boarding pass. BONUS: Flying Economy on an Air France Airbus A319 . As soon as you step outside, you know you’re one of the luckiest people in the world. Based on the prices I’m seeing for the cabin, the margin would more than cover it. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. I’m Gloria, a serious travel addicted from Chile, passionate about going out of my comfort zone, trying delicious food, beautiful destinations and Luxury Places. free inflight movies. Not in a “I’m not paying attention to the passengers” kind of way, but the “I genuinely love my job” kind of way. Find here the best tours and skip the line tickets in English, German, Spanish or French at the best rates. Following most everyone else, Flying Blue moved from a set award chart to one with dynamic pricing, which means that you can expect award seats to roughly be priced in proportion to cash prices when looking at things like availability and peak/off-peak demand. My seat, 19H, was on the bulkhead row of the premium economy cabin. Le mardi 8 septembre 2020, la compagnie Air France a fêté ses 75 ans de présence dans notre île. I normally opt for a bulkhead aisle when available; however, I have read a number of negative comments about Row 22 on this aircraft. Those with long travel horizons and a fair amount of flexibility can often find solid award availability for Air France’s wide-body service between Los Angeles and Tahiti. Wir von sind regelmäßig auf Roadshows von Airlines, Hotels, Reiseveranstaltern und Tourismusbüros. It remained quiet throughout, which helped me to doze off and on for four or five hours. The seats will have 130 degrees of recline, a fixed shell, and 13.3″ HD screens. I live in San Francisco CA USA but my Grandfather often flew to Santiago y Valpariso for business so someday I hope to travel to Chile. Until now I had never flown in the Air France Premium Economy class and on my flight from Santiago de Chile to Paris I was finally able to try the experience. The SkyClub staff informed me that our ride to Tahiti would be departing about 75 minutes behind schedule (now 1:55am), as our inbound aircraft from Paris (CDG) was roughly 75 minutes late getting out of France. American Airlines offers a Premium Economy cabin on most of its long-haul fleet and this is a review of the airline's product on its Boeing 777-200 aircraft flying between London Heathrow and Los Angeles. Air France 777-300ER 4-class premium economy seat map. ⇒Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor. Cons: a seat that’s truly uncomfortable and no Wi-Fi. Two meals were provided on this flight for the premium economy and economy cabins. It’s a good thing, too, as there was no Wi-Fi to speak of. The slide-forward design was uncomfortable at best and tremendously frustrating at worse, serving no real purpose but to make the passenger feel as if they were about to topple clean into the floor of the 777. Business-class passengers saw Zone 1 on their boarding card, while mine read Zone 2 along with the rest of premium economy. Instead, it was a halfhearted attempt that still let your feet dangle. A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Premium Economy class has 3 rows of seats per 8 seats in each. Image courtesy of Como é voar na Premium Economy do Boeing 777 da Air France (São Paulo – Paris) Fique atento, cadastre seu e-mail na nossa newsletter e fique sempre atualizado! Air France operates 5 versions of Boeing 777-200. The planes were safely separated after the TCAS got activated. If it were a dual-flip design, where the rest would pop out as it currently did but then flip another section down so it actually became long enough to put one’s foot on it while sleeping, it would have been ace. After getting of the plane in Paris on my way back to Japan, it was time to figure out which way to go to take my connecting flight to Bangkok onboard an Air France 777-300ER. Beyond the private feel, however, there’s little to applaud. The body of Boeing 777-300ER is by 10.13 meters longer than the base version 777-200ER.. HERE and check the best offers for your next trip! That’s a lofty rate, and it was no doubt impacted by the purchase date. Obviously, a regular business class user will not be much interested in moving to a lower category, but a regular economy class user if you can be very interested in being able to enjoy more comfort during your flights for a much more affordable price than buying a ticket in first class. Air France’s long-haul business class isn’t particularly avant-garde. Even if you aren’t an avid Air France flyer, you can transfer points into the Flying Blue program in order to secure a ticket. You’ll notice that I haven’t yet remarked on the added width (19 inches over 17 inches in economy) or extra legroom that came with the PE product. The IFE system was top-notch. and maybe the only thing I didn’t like was the quality of the stuffing in the seats, which feel a little rough after several hours sitting. Le verdict? Air France’s 777-200 service to Tahiti is a solid option for SkyTeam loyalists, with useful timing in both directions. The ideal way to score an award seat is through the carrier’s Flying Blue program. Upgrade para a Classe Premium Economy da Air France. Given that intel, I hung out at Terminal 3 a bit longer before catching a shuttle to TBIT, where our Boeing 777-200 was being serviced at Gate 154. (Mind you, I’m not tall. Una poltrona comoda e regolabile Dotata di una seduta ampia e rilassante, la poltrona Premium Economy le offre il 40% di spazio supplementare rispetto alla cabina Economy, nonché numerosi contenitori. Check HERE the best plan at a monthly payment. Booking this ticket was anything but easy. The best premium economy seats on the 4-class 777-300ER would be in row 26, as it is the furthest away from the lavatories. Required fields are marked *. New Premium Economy cabin: even more comfort for you! Best seats in the plane. Air France operates this version of the Boeing 777-200ER configured with 309 seats in three classes of service. You can access the Lounge paying an extra fee that in this case I did not need because the flight started from my hometown and I arrived just in time for my flight. If you want to enjoy more comfort during your flight, personalized service and arrive less tired to your destination, the Premium Economy is a very good option. And especially for a long flight, you will appreciate the extra comfort for sure. Air France Boeing 777-300 and American Airlines Boeing 737-800 experienced a near miss over the Caribbean Sea. Interestingly, premium economy was the smallest of the three cabins, with seats positioned in rows 19 through 21. The first thing you should know about this product is that it was a fixed shell layout, which meant two things. My wife, who joined me on this flight, also remarked at the excellence of the hash browns. Every seat from front to back was equipped with a seatback inflight entertainment screen (or, in the case of my bulkhead seat, a screen that emerged from the armrest) as well as a personal power port. The footrest was so close to being useful. Which is to say, Air France’s PE product is feeling a bit tired. Business. Sure enough, they soon arrived with a lightweight amenity bag, replete with drawstring, that included an eye mask, socks, earplugs, headphone ear covers, toothbrush and toothpaste. It could hold 280 passengers: 40 in business in a 1-2-1 arrangement, 24 in premium economy in a 2-4-2 configuration and 216 in coach in a cramped 3-4-3 layout. Flight Information Date: September 22, 2017 Flight No. Answer 11 of 27: I am flying New York to Paris in Premium Economy--777-200 both ways. The seats are (38 inches) 97cm long and 48cm (19inch) wide. That was joined by a fruit salad, a cup of yogurt and a cold turkey dish with cheese and a tomato. The Premium Economy it’s a quieter cabin since the area is closed by curtains separating this sector from the Economy class behind and the Business class located above. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. On our Boeing 787 flights, discover a completely redesigned cabin: wider seats with an enveloping shell, in … The crew (both on the ground and onboard) with AF are wonderful. The seats are (38 inches) 97cm long and 48cm (19inch) wide. The crew set out five banners, indicating zones 1 through 5, and asked passengers in both English and French to line up behind their respective banners. Taxes and fees were … I was a bit confused when I first reached my seat, as the only amenities in view were a well-worn blanket, a pillow and a bantam bottle of water. This perk can save you serious amounts of cash when flying to remote destinations such as French Polynesia or the Maldives, as it allows you to pack extra drinking water and foodstuffs for your stay without fretting about weight. I then made my way to my seat 11K. I then plugged in the same itinerary on Air France’s US portal, where I was able to complete the booking and credit all earnings to my Delta SkyMiles account.

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